Prayer Requests

I definitely believe in the power of prayer. I have seen God do some amazing stuff through prayer. So please use this page to post any prayer requests you may have. I head up our prayer ministry at my church and will also put it on our list so you know you are being prayer for.

Also if you post a request please update me when God answers. It is not only encouraging for you but also for those who have been praying for you.


  1. Please be praying for Griffin Billings. He is a little boy in our church that has been diagnosed with leukemia. You can see his story and follow updates on Caring Bridge

  2. Please pray for my husband. He is unemployed and has a criminal record for discharging a firearm in a public place. No one was hurt and this happened in the house. The financial strain is too much. I am a temp and I cannot afford to be listed on ITC as my salary is our sole means of survival. On Sunday he wanted to take his life. Please pray for a breakthrough for us

  3. Sorry my e-mail address was incorrect

  4. God has laid it upon my heart to ask for prayers for persecuted Christians in “friendly” nations such as Egypt, England,India and Israel.

    Also, pray for the many families in financial trouble here in America. Pray that the churches come to the aid of its people and that giving is increased and used for the needs of the Body of Christ.

  5. I am concerned for my adualt daughter, Sheryl, who has been out of work for five months now and has been denied unemployment insurance. Because she is single and has no children, she can receive no assistance from the State.

    She has exhausted all her funds and because we live in a age restricted community, she has no place to live if she is evicted except the street.

    Pray that she find work soon and that her selfworth be restored. It is hard for a parent to sit back and do nothing for his child, but God had clearly made it known to us to not support her by paying her bills. We have bailed her out of money trouble to many times in the past and we are not to enable her any more. But our hearts are still crying for her and we pray that she find a way out of the hole she has found herself in.

    Pray also that we can stand firm in the way of what we are to do and not waver in it. She also suffers from a medical condition that requires medicationand she has none and can not even afford to go to a doctor to get more or to pay for any. She is caught in the loop hole that being a single, non-parent woman that is not covered by any agency here in California.

    In God’s Trust, Paul

  6. dear Randy and vineyard family my name bill iam posting here because I need your prayers I uselly do not go out on lim like this but every body needs pray sometimes I was dianosed with schizophrenia in 1996 and have to take meds for it I have been out of work since 2007 and living off disabilty and my my wifes income iam at home alone during the day and my daughter is at school and wife is at work for awhile now I have been suffering from weight gain and feeling fatiged and sleeping alot i really do not feel depressed or anything and iam smoking myself to death 1 1/2 to 2 packs a day I had quit when I first excepted the Lord in 1987 but picked it up years latter again so I guess what Iam asking you to please pray for is that God would deliver me from the smoking and better yet my mental illness I do hope these prayer request do not sound selfcentered because Ido not want to come off that way your all in my prayers to in christ bill

  7. bill again please pray for my mother and step-father they live in quiet desperation they are behind on their morgage and deeply in debt my sepfather is a self imployed hvac worker and mother works for ross as a manager there kicken 60 in the tail real soon and and have noplans for retierment and do not know the Lord Iam hopeing the Lord will entervine in this situaction their names are jim and nancy thanks again bill

  8. This past week, my friend, Hilton Stallings, was diagnosed with Leukemia. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. You can follow his progress and his story at

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