Cool Stories

writing I want to hear your cool stories about what God is doing in your life. So post below and share with everyone what He is up to in your life.


  1. Many years ago, I was convicted from God to spread the message that we are all one body in Christ, regardless of which church we decide to worship in. It wasn’t until two years ago that He let me know that the Internet was the one way I could reach out to people throughout the world to share this message.

    Right now, God is teaching me that there are many people, just like you, who can, and are willing to, share the word of True Fellowship. I just lost a dear friend to cancer who shared her wonderful story with me even in her death. Among the things she wrote is this little tidbit that has become a mainstay in my life right now. “I am thankful that each morning I wake up, as it is a reminder of God’s grace with every breath I take.”

    I am a cancer survivor, my wife recovered from a crippling back injury. My son had to take a cut back in pay and lost his home. My daughter was fired from her job and refused unemployment. Yet in all these things, both the good and the bad, God has had His Loving hands upon our lives that we are still strong in faith and rely not on the things of the world but on the Words of The LORD. Nothing will ever take the place of the Love that Jesus has for us, nothing can ever replace the devotion we have for Him and His gracious mercy and love for us.

  2. This is from an old blog of mine. This came from one of my prayer warriors at church, Laura Nunley:

    Sunday, we were worshipping, and I felt compelled to lay on the floor before the Lord on the second row. So I did. I didn’t feel anything in particular at first. Then the music began to pick up tempo a little, so I sat up and was sitting on the ground with my eyes closed and arms open wide, adoring the Lord and telling Him how much I love Him. All of a sudden, I started seeing angels dancing in the front of the church. My eyes were still closed so I couldn’t literally see them, but I saw them nevertheless. It was as if we were all sitting around a campfire and they were dancing to the music of our instruments. I was overwhelmed with emotion at the glory of it and at the implications of it. When the music slowed, they slowed their dancing to match the music.

    What I learned from this is that when we worship and sing praises to the Lord, we are not only worshipping God ourselves, but we are also drawing others into worship: men and angels alike. It made me realize how powerful our instruments truly are in His kingdom.

    So if you play an instrument, know that when you play for Jesus, it’s not only you and those within earshot who are hearing it: Angels just may be dancing to it, too! Welcome to the throne room of God…

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