About Me

meHi! My name is Randy and this is my blog. I started a couple of these before but they have not quite worked out. So I thought I would try again.

So why did I choose the name I did for my blog? Because that is what I am doing. I am learning to listen. I have believed for a long time that anyone can hear the voice of God but many of us just are not listening. Now before you read any further or start making assumptions know this:

I am not religious in the traditional meaning of the word.  I am not perfect, not by a long shot. I drink at times. I cuss at times. I sometimes smoke cigarettes, cigars, or pipes at times. I get mad in traffic and yell at other drivers. I pick my nose when no one is looking. I ride a Harley. I like to ride mountain bikes. I procrastinate. I worry.  I piss my wife off regularly but I love her. I love my 3 kids dearly. I love all kinds of music. I like to read. I love to sleep. I love God.

So what I hope you and I get from this blog is to look at and discuss what God is doing around me and saying to me and to those around me. I do not dare to think that I have all the answers or that I am where I need to be. But I do know that God loves me and He loves you. And He wants to talk if we will listen.


  1. Hi Randy,

    How are you? What have you been up to for the last 20 years? I think it is fabulous that you have started a blog. I love your honesty and transparency in your struggles with God. Understanding that God does speak and how He speaks is so important. I teach 9th grade girls in Sunday School and we spent our entire lesson last week on understanding prayer.
    My husband also has a blog through WordPress–Tough Questions Answered. There is a link from my FB page. He is in seminary at Southern Evangelical in Charlotte working on a masters in Apologetics.


    Jennifer Strickland Pratt

  2. Welcome to the world of Striving Christians! I do not drink, cuss or smoke yet I am also not perfect in the ways of the LORD. My blog, wholy4christ, has been around for two years and I have found that as I write, I grow in the spirit. God bless you and may He guide your spirit in all ways.

    Your are never to young to share the word nor can you be to old, I am 66 years old and still learn each day how to Love Christ more and more.

    Be in His peace, Paul Shiras

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