Posted by: dwell247 | June 16, 2009

Tongue Tied

I was in the car tonight running some errands and listening to some new worship songs that I had found online. So as I am driving around I am just focusing on God and trying to pray. I felt the presence of God with me and I was getting misty eyed but I was having trouble praying. I pulled into the driveway ad just sat there for awhile. I realized that I had no trouble praying when it was in a group or for someone else but alone by myself I had really lost the ability to talk to God. I could worship and sing but to just sit there and talk I realized it had been awhile. I felt like something was keeping my tongue from moving and forming the words. So I started to pray about that. I rebuked any attack on my prayer life and just started saying “God I want You. I want to be with You. I want to be in Your presence.” I started to cry. I found myself telling God, “I do not care about gifts, or healings, or church, or revival, or anything else. All I want is You. I do not care about more prayer meetings, more worship services, or mission trips. I just want you! I JUST WANT YOU JESUS!!!” And yes my voice, all of a sudden, was loud and I was bawling. My tongue was free. I was talking with Dad.

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