Posted by: dwell247 | June 13, 2009

How does God speak to you?

I want to know how you hear God when he speaks. Most of the time for me I just hear a thought in my head. For you is it audible? Is it in dreams, visions, or a voice in your head? Is it none of these? Maybe all of these ?

Also where and/or when does God speak to you the most? For me, and do not laugh, it is in two places:

toilet-new Toilet

shower-spiral2 Shower

I think He chooses here because He has a captive audience  🙂

So where/when does He speak to you?


  1. The Car. My best God-moments happen when I pray while driving, and somehow I manage to obey the speed limit (that in itself shows God has spoken!)

  2. Just about anywhere! When I go for walks, in prayer sessions, watching old movies, reading books. Sometimes I wish he would get out of my mind so i can enjoy myself. But no, God wants me to know he isincontrol of my life and I better lsiten when He talking to me.

  3. I totally hear god in the bathroom. happened just yesterday

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